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Elevating your sleep experience with an adjustable mattress base

From tossing and turning to tranquil and well-rested: Investing in a good night’s sleep
Sleep plays an integral part in all aspects of our health and mood. So when we sleep better for eight hours, we live better for 24 hours/day. Photos courtesy of M&N Mattress.

Did you know that the average North American person tosses and turns over 30 times per night? Every time you turn, it interrupts your sleep phase, affecting the overall quality of the sleep you’re getting.

“When we have customers coming in looking to improve their sleep quality, part of that conversation is always about pressure points, tossing and turning, and how it affects our sleep quality overall,” says M&N Mattress & Sofa Gallery owner, Mark Nagra.

During that conversation, Mark strives to help customers get a better understanding of how the sleep process works and why so many of us are tossing and turning throughout the night.

“Tossing and turning really comes down to pressure points, lack of support and being uncomfortable when sleeping,” says Mark. “While we might be comfortable when we initially fall asleep, either on our back, side, or stomach, a mattress and mattress base with improper support will eventually cause us to put too much weight on certain pressure points in our bodies, so in our subconscious state, we move, readjusting to get more comfortable.”

While Mark notes that a high-quality mattress is an integral part of getting better sleep, those seeking a truly revolutionary sleep experience should actually take their home sleep system a step further and invest in an adjustable mattress base as well.

“Adjustable mattress bases essentially alleviate the pressure point issue entirely. They allow us to sleep in a way that almost mimics being in the womb for 9 months. They take their inspiration from how astronauts float in a relaxed natural position(zero-gravity), often offering a zero-gravity feature that provides less pressure to every square inch of our bodies.”

Relieving overall pressure in the zero-gravity position with your head and legs up not only helps us sleep better but can also reduce or eliminate snoring, increase circulation, and improve overnight breathing.

“Investing in your sleep is an investment in your overall health and well-being,” adds Mark. “Sleep plays an integral part in all aspects of our health and mood. So when we sleep better for eight hours, we live better for 24 hours/day.”

Award-winning service

Mark and his team most recently took home the 2024 Retail Business of the Year award from the Vancouver Island Business Excellence Awards. This recent win was just one of many that Mark and his team have won over the past 23 years. They’ve also won several BBB awards and many other local awards as well.

Find your perfect mattress and adjustable mattress base at M&N Mattress & Sofa, located at 291 East Island Hwy or visit them online at Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates, contests and giveaways!