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How to combat moisture and mould with the right bathroom windows

Save money on your bathroom reno with help from the Ecoline Green Grant
Opening a window for just 15 to 20 minutes a day can significantly lower humidity levels. Photo courtesy of Ecoline Windows.

While bathrooms may not be the first room you think of when considering the benefits of upgrading or replacing windows, investing in a good set of windows in your bathrooms can significantly reduce moisture build-up and improve energy efficiency.

From thermal performance to proper ventilation and privacy, the experts at Ecoline Windows and Doors offer insights on what you need to know about replacing bathroom windows in your Parksville Qualicum Beach home.

Ventilation: The key to a healthy bathroom environment

Bathrooms are prone to high humidity levels due to the frequent use of water. This moisture can build up and cause mold growth on windows, walls, and around the bathtub if you don’t provide enough ventilation.

If left unresolved, mould can spread, causing respiratory issues and even structural damage to your home. Fortunately, there is an easy fix to reducing humidity levels in your bathroom! An operable window can reduce your reliance on exhaust fans and help manage excess moisture.

Opening a window for just 15 to 20 minutes a day, especially after using the bath or shower, can significantly lower humidity levels and reduce the risk of moisture build-up and damage.

Opting for efficient windows that offer warm interior glass surfaces can minimize condensation, preventing issues like frozen windows in the winter that hinder ventilation and increase moisture problems. Therefore, the best bathroom windows should not only be operable but highly energy-efficient as well.

Which windows are best for the bathroom?

  • Hung windows: Popular due to their energy-efficiency, ventilation and available in a single or double-hung option. Single-hung windows have one fixed and one moveable sash that slides up and down. Double-hung windows allow for both sashes to be movable, allowing for even better air circulation. They do use weatherstripping instead of a compression seal like crank windows but still offer decent energy efficiency at a more affordable price-point.
  • Crank windows: Crank windows use a compression seal where the sash meets the frame, creating an airtight closure that minimizes heat loss. This makes them the top choice for energy efficiency and a preferable option over other types of windows like slider or hung windows that use weatherstripping instead. While they’re more efficient, crank windows also cost 15 to 20 per cent more than other options. Crank windows come in casement and awning styles. Casement windows, hinged on the side, are typically used in vertical openings but aren’t generally used in bathrooms. Awning windows, hinged at the top, are better suited for bathrooms. They open outward from the bottom, allowing ventilation even in adverse weather conditions. The design of awning windows also maintains privacy when paired with privacy glass, as they conceal the interior view even when open.
  • Slider windows: While not as efficient as crank windows, slider windows are still a viable option for bathroom window replacements and are one of the most popular options. They’re less expensive than crank windows and offer reasonable energy efficiency and ventilation capabilities. However, slider windows rely on weatherstripping, which can be prone to freezing in cold temperatures. To improve their efficiency and reduce ice build-up, consider additional upgrades like Low-E coatings or ETI foam.

A well ventilated bathroom is key to protecting your home from moisture build up and mould. Photo courtesy of Ecoline Windows.

The benefits of privacy glass

Privacy glass is an excellent option for bathroom windows, offering patterns that block visibility while allowing light to pass through. Different designs of privacy glass provide varying levels of light transmission. Consulting with the experts at Ecoline Windows can help you decide on a privacy glass solution that suits the unique lighting needs of your bathroom.

New bathroom windows are more affordable with the Ecoline Green Grant!

Available directly from Ecoline Windows, the Ecoline Green Grant provides homeowners with more support and encouragement to create a cleaner, greener B.C. for everyone. The Ecoline Green Grant offers up to $3,750 for window and exterior door replacement. Unlike traditional grant programs, it offers freedom and flexibility to homeowners. Choose from a wide range of Ecoline products without restrictions on R-values, glass types, or income caps.

Whether you’re upgrading your primary residence, mobile home, rental property, or undertaking new construction, the Ecoline Green Grant provides financial support to offset the costs of window and door replacements for B.C. residents.

Opting for hung, awning, or slider windows, prioritizing ventilation, privacy, and thermal performance will ensure your bathroom remains a pleasant and healthy space. The window experts at Ecoline Windows can help you decide what type of bathroom window is right for your home.

Ecoline Windows offers exterior door and window replacement throughout Vancouver Island as well as several other communities throughout Western Canada! Find more information about their services and your eligibility for rebate and grant programs online today at or by calling 778-400-2063.