Thanks to Mark Nagra of M&N Mattress & Sofa Gallery, we can break down the cost of your new mattress – and the results might surprise you!

Thanks to Mark Nagra of M&N Mattress & Sofa Gallery, we can break down the cost of your new mattress – and the results might surprise you!

Local specialist helps break down the cost of a new mattress!

A good night’s sleep is undeniably priceless, but looking at the math, that mattress you thought was out of your budget is actually more attainable than you think.

Mark Nagra, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, explains why:

Every $1,000 you spend on a mattress with a 10-year warranty, with eight hours a night in bed (that’s one third of your life), the cost amounts to about 27 cents a night. Likewise, if you spend $3,000 on a mattress with an adjustable base, it will cost you approximately 81 cents a night over 10 years.

Put another way, that’s lower than the cost of that basic cup of morning coffee or energy drink you need after tossing and turning on your current mattress!

“When we break down the cost of a new mattress, it helps put the price into perspective,” notes Mark, owner of Parksville’s M+N Mattress & Sofa. “If you consider the cost of just car insurance or gasoline monthly, it can end up costing significantly more than a mattress would. And you only spend on average 1 to 2 hours driving your car each day, whereas you spend eight hours sleeping.”

Or trying to sleep.

The hours you spend on your mattress dictate what the 16 hours you spend awake are like, so it’s crucial you’re doing what you can to set yourself up for a successful slumber. Especially considering the cost of sleeplessness.

“There’s another cost associated with your mattress. Without a good one, it can lead to poor sleep, and there’s a huge cost associated with that,” Mark notes.

Health wise, studies show a lack of sleep can lead to problems including diabetes and high blood pressure . Other potential complications can even include obesity and depression – signalling just how crucial a good night’s sleep is for your health.

“We all know what a bad night of sleep feels like the next day. We need to invest in our rest and take on the challenges of our days with energy to make the best decisions! We can be recharged like a cell phone, either partially or fully, and a mattress can certainly help greatly in that respect. Quality materials that don’t change are the key.” Mark says.

Visiting a knowledgeable team invested in their products, such as M&M Mattress & Sofa, will help you find your perfect mattress match. With presentations taking upwards of an hour, the team makes it their mission to listen to their customers and have their customers listen to their body.

To get started on your journey to a good night’s sleep, visit M+N Mattress & Sofa online or contact them today!

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