Teresa Patterson (file photo)

Teresa Patterson (file photo)

Three questions for Parksville councillor candidate Teresa Patterson

Candidate for councillor

Do you support the facility proposed for 222 Corfield? Why or why not?

To answer yes or no for the supportive housing project at 222 Corfield is difficult, there is no easy answer. I have and continue to be outspoken on the need for affordable, low income, and homeless housing.

To be a leader you have to take a stand.

However, I voted “No” to the zoning and development Bylaw. 2018 No. 2000.116. Because, at the time it did not address questions I had. I would have preferred in my opinion after listening to the community to have had the extreme weather component in a different location, separate from 222 Corfield.

The operating agreement with BC Housing and Island Crisis care did not speak to future needs of the individuals who will sign a rental agreement. Where does a resident go if they do not follow the agreement? It does not speak to budgets, future changes in government funding, and transitional housing to name a few, of my questions.

How will you balance the needs of seniors and those of younger residents?

I truly believe and have spoken for years that this is a balancing act. A community thrives if made up of all ages. By having in place, the resources that meets the needs of all. By having resources in place to allow seniors to age within the community. The need for Medical practices, outreach, resources for physical and mental stimulation activities, and addition of senior facilities.

Parksville is an amazing community to raise a family. I fully believe this as I raised my children here. As a small business owner there is many opportunities for growth in business. In this day and age technology is constantly evolving, there are areas to explore in tourism, agriculture and film for example. Our way of life is envied. And to live, work, grow your family, and enjoy the many natural resources, I would not want to live anywhere else.

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

I may be a public figure, but I lead my life not looking for praise or public exposure.

I pay attention and do my homework when it comes to council agendas and community issues. I follow up with resident concerns. Having 10 years of council experience is not a detriment. I understand the timelines, policy, procedures, and what is occurring in our community.

My business is an extension of who I am, I am part of this community and I serve the people. I give back quietly and am available and approachable. I am also not retiring anytime soon, I have seen the changes that have occurred and that need to occur.

Having a small business, I firsthand understand the challenges of employment, fiscal responsibility, maintenance, transparency and communication.

Raising a family in Parksville, listening to the community, and being here for 20 years I believe I am a voice for the people of Parksville.

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