Adam Walker. - Submitted photo

Adam Walker. - Submitted photo

Three questions for Qualicum Beach councillor candidate Adam Walker

Candidate for councillor

What do you feel is the most pressing election issue in your community?

The most pressing election issue I have heard from the residents of Qualicum Beach is a lack of community engagement from Town Hall.

I have spoken with many residents who are concerned about housing, traffic, parking, bylaw and traffic enforcement, access to medical professionals, amenities, the lack of families/youth, but the one issue that seems to stand far above is that we as an elected body have a duty to listen and engage our residents. From the easily enacted items such as bylaw enforcement and traffic signs, to broader outreach on larger projects such as the Berwick development on First Avenue and the waterfront roundabout.

We have a tremendous opportunity to take better advantage of the greatest asset of our community: the voices of our residents.

How will you balance the needs of seniors and those of younger residents?

While our community is officially the oldest in Canada, the fundamental needs are shared by our residents of all ages.

I have been fortunate with my door knocking to meet hundreds of residents in our community from a staggering variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

The one thing that has surprised me is the activity and energy of all of our residents.

I have had tea with a sprightly woman in her nineties, a great conversation with a young woman holding her newly born baby, and many many more conversations in between. What all our residents share is a pride for this very special place we call Qualicum Beach.

The protection of our environment, the preservation of our village character, and the abundance of amenities all represent a quality of life that is enjoyed equally by the seniors and younger residents of our community.

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

I have an energy, focus, and patience, that will serve the residents of Qualicum Beach well.

As a long-time entrepreneur and small business owner, there are many strengths that will assist me in this role.

And as a father raising my daughters here, I have a responsibility to ensure we continue improving our village for future generations.

One of the greatest assets I have is the fact that I was raised in Qualicum Beach and that I have lived in the area my entire life.

This will give me a perspective on where we came from, the pace and scale that we have come to expect, but also the positive progress we have to look forward to. I am fortunate to have the time and resources to serve our community in this capacity and I look forward to bringing the voices of our community to town hall.

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