Barry Avis. - Submitted photo

Barry Avis. - Submitted photo

Three questions for Qualicum Beach councillor candidate Barry Avis

Candidate for councillor

What do you feel is the most pressing election issue in your community?

I believe most residents and candidates will respond “housing” in all its forms.

That was most frequently mentioned in the OCP and Quality of Life Survey. But we also know affordable housing is a very divisive subject.

Where to build, what to build, how much to build, and what parties will pay? I supported a proposal to establish a housing task force to answer these questions. Unfortunately council did not support this proposal.

This raises a vital need for electing individuals to council who share similar beliefs and who can work together toward a common goal. Too many times, the present council voted 3 -2 on some important approvals. I believe our community deserves better. In some cases I believe those votes did not reflect the will of the people. We need to collectively pull in the same direction and lessen the pro – this and anti – that chatter.

How will you balance the needs of seniors and those of younger residents?

The first step is to define what differences may exist in our town. Next, we need to determine what the needs are between seniors and young residents. Is it a brewpub, a community theatre, more recreational facilities? Again, there is a need to identify issues that can enjoy common support.

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

There are candidates with more experience in municipal government and there are candidates with little or no experience.

In selecting any candidate for office, I think the voter needs to understand something about the candidate’s beliefs. In my case, I firmly believe in preserving the qualities that make our town special.

I believe in maintaining our infrastructure and not taking any risks that might compromise our water supply. I do favour what I call “thoughtful development” which means a given proposal has satisfied councillors and the mayor, that the proposal will not do harm to the environment or the existing property owners in proximity.

High quality construction is possible, is being done in other communities and should be required in our town.

I want to move ahead without compromising the present.

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