Ceri Peacey. - Submitted photo

Ceri Peacey. - Submitted photo

Three questions for RDN candidate Ceri Peacey

Candidate for Area F (Coombs, Hilliers, Errington)

Ceri Peacey, Candidate for Area F

What do you feel is the most pressing election issue in your area?

I am an engaged citizen concerned about watershed issues, preserving the rural lifestyle, encouraging small businesses, and striking a balance between habitat loss and growth. Things in our region are changing at a fast pace – trees are dying due to drought, forest fires are becoming the norm, and the cost of living is rising. Parts of Area F are experiencing challenges of homelessness, poverty, addiction, and crime. For those on lower incomes transportation is also an issue. A big concern is the new requirement for farms to register wells and to pay the accompanying fees. These are pretty heavy issues for an electoral area but I am willing to commit to doing my best in learning as much as possible while advocating between various agencies for the best possible outcomes.

If elected, how will you bring about change?

In 2016, I received the Ducks Unlimited Community Wetlands Conservation Award. This was one of my proudest achievements because it honoured “community” and not just me as an individual. The citation accompanying the award summed up my approach to achieving change. “Peacey made it her goal to conserve Hamilton Marsh. She first contacted organizations in the area such as Ducks Unlimited Canada to learn all she could about the importance of wetland habitat to the wildlife and people surrounding Hamilton Marsh. She learned that almost all wildlife use the wetlands to sustain their growth and development. Armed with information, Peacey made her first presentation to the Regional District of Nanaimo; and thereafter the Hamilton Marsh Committee was formed.”

My approach to bringing about change is threefold. 1. painstaking research and consultation, 2. Direct approach to the organizations and stakeholders involved, 3. Prolonged communication and leadership at the local level.

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

I have been involved in my community through my professional life and conservation leadership. During my first presentation to the RDN in 2005 I learned that progress can be made if well-researched and clearly presented information is put forward with the backing of citizen input and action. I think my approach can effectively represent the people of area F on the issues that concern us all. Like many citizens of Area F, I deal with the daily challenges of small business administration in my role as a celebrant. Effective communication and empathy are crucial to my profession. In my role as conservation leader I have learned the importance of speaking with the voice of my community and not just my own. What sets me apart from other candidates is the combination of empathy, communication and action that I can bring to the role of RDN director.

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