Cohen Gary, left, and her younger sister, Grace, use the new Expression Swing at the Ventureland Playground at Parksville Community Park, as their mother, Julie Gary looks on. — Adam Kveton

A new way to swing at Parksville park

City, Lions install device that lets child and adult swing together

A new swing at Ventureland Playground in Parksville’s Community Park is bringing parents and children closer together.

The device, called an Expression Swing, was installed by Parksville Lions Club members and city staff on Monday, Oct. 19 after about two years of interest, said Lions Club member James Barrand.

The swing boasts a double-seat design that allows a child and an adult, or an older and younger sibling, to swing together while facing each other.

The device and modifications to the existing swingset cost $2,544, said Parksville CAO Debbie Comis.

“It’s a better opportunity to interact with small children,” Warren Payne, city parks foreman, said of the swing.

“I think we’ve already seen, from the few people that we’ve seen using it down there, that there seems to be a much better connection between parent and child, typically, on that piece of equipment (compared to) standing behind a child and pushing.

“You are doing the thing together.”

Julie Gary, visiting from Duncan with her two daughters, Cohen and Grace, said she and her kids enjoyed the new addition to the park. They tried it out on Friday, Sept. 22.

“It’s one of the coolest swings I’ve ever seen,” said Julie. “I think it’s brilliant… and I’m not stuck pushing,” she said, adding that her youngest, Grace, usually isn’t too sure about swings, but with her older sister swinging with her, things were going much better.

The idea for the swing came through discussions with the Lions Club, as the city and the club routinely work together to make decisions on what to replace at the park, said Payne.

The money for the swing came from a city park equipment replacement budget, he said.

“We (the parks department and the Lions Club) thought right away that (the swing) would be a great addition to the park,” said Payne.

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