Alert issued about finding naval flares

Beach walkers warned to leave any washed up flares where they are and alert authorities

Now that hot summer weather has finally arrived in the mid-Island, more people are going to be spending some quality time at the beach.

However, beachgoers are being warned to be wary of objects they find washed up on the sand, because some of them, said a spokesperson for 19 Wing Comox, could be dangerous.

The warning concerns pyrotechnic flares and smoke canisters used in military search and rescue operations, as well as training exercises that, while designed to sink after use, occasionally wash ashore.

Both the  flares and smoke canisters can be hazardous if mishandled.

The flares are used in the Texada Island area, which has an active pyrotechnics range. However, they can drift to this side of the strait as well on occasion.


Anyone who comes across such an object is advised to leave it where they find it and contact the 19 Wing Comox operations centre at 1-866-488-0889.