Bars for sex shop in passionate purple

Sexessories store in Parksville opts for lavender bars on its windows

Sheila Abbott shows off the new

Sheila Abbott shows off the new

Sheila Abbott isn’t happy about having to put bars on her windows, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t willing to do so with characteristic flair.

The owner of the Sexessories sex shop in downtown Parksville said she’s disappointed about a recent burglary that saw thousands of dollars worth of sex toys disappear, and the subsequent need to tighten her security.

“I feel sad,” she said. “At first I felt angry and violated and now I feel sad because, like most of us, I love this town, I love this place. I chose this place.”

Abbott said she opted to go with lavender bars on the windows and door so they would fit in more closely with the decor.

“I decided to go with lavender because purple is my colour,” she said. “With all the sex stores I have been in or worked in it’s always pink and red or pink hearts and I wanted to go with passionate purple. I thought, If I’m gong to have bars, I might as well have pretty bars. I didn’t want to feel like I’m institutionalized.”

Abbott said there has been no reported progress in the case, leaving her as mystified as ever.

“I expect a normal shoplifter or vandalism, but never anything like this,” she said. “Because of the nature of my products, I’m stumped about where they would sell them. It’s such a small town.”

Abbott said she is offering a $250 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever was responsible for the theft.

Anyone with information about the theft is requested to contact the Oceanside RCMP at 250-248-6111.