Cantelon supports party name

While it may be a good idea to change it, now is not the time


Ron Cantelon agrees with his party’s decision not to change its name right now, but that doesn’t mean the Parksville-Qualicum MLA doesn’t think it should be looked at later.

Commenting on this week’s announcement that the party will retain its BC Liberal moniker for the time being, Cantelon said the timing for such a move is all wrong.

“I think it’s worthy of consideration, but not right before an election,” he said. “We don’t want to make it harder for pepole to make choices at the ballot box than it already is.”

However, once the election is over, he said he doesn’t necessarily reject the idea of a name change out of hand.

“The name of the party should help define who you are,” he said.

“We have a big tent and what people think of traditional small ‘l’ liberals doesn’t fit everybody,” he said.


“It needs to reflect who you are. We need to look at how we can change it, but if you are going to a ballot box and all of a sudden you have a different name, people will say, ‘who are these guys?’ ”