The Parksville Civic and Technology Centre at 100 Jensen Ave. (PQB News file photo)

The Parksville Civic and Technology Centre at 100 Jensen Ave. (PQB News file photo)

City of Parksville makes efforts to reduce fuel consumption in wake of flooding

City staff to use e-vehicles when possible, some work plans rescheduled

In the wake of the substantial recent floods around B.C., the province is taking temporary measures to ensure fuel (gas and diesel) is prioritized for essential vehicles, while keeping it available to British Columbians.

The province is asking local governments, as well as citizens, to limit their fuel consumption and vehicle travel.

Enacted under the provincial state of emergency, effective until Dec. 1, 2021, essential vehicles will have unrestricted access to fuel while non-essential vehicles, including the general public, will have access to fuel through retail gas stations with 30 litres per trip to the gas station.

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The City of Parksville will continue its efforts to use resources efficiently. Some of the ways the city is limiting fuel consumption while the provincial order is in place:

• Where possible, electric vehicles will be used to conduct city business such as building inspections, site visits or attending safety training, and other city vehicle trips will be prioritized to conserve fuel.

• Like the beginning of the pandemic, some employees will work from home offices to lessen fuel consumption resulting from daily commutes.

• Some city staff drive personal electric vehicles and carpooling to and from work is encouraged.

• Where possible, some paving projects and work plans have been rescheduled to occur after Dec. 1 to lower fuel use.

“While efforts are underway to fix damage to roadways and establish alternative access to fuel, we encourage those who can, to reduce fuel consumption and buy only what is necessary,” said Mayor Ed Mayne in a release by the city. “Our efforts to reduce consumption will help to ensure fuel is available for those businesses and organizations delivering essential goods as well as support those required to travel to restore damaged infrastructure throughout the province.”

– NEWS Staff, submitted

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