District 69 residents relatively compliant with distraction laws

But too many still use cell phones for texting while driving, say cops

When it comes to texting and talking on cell phones while driving, motorists in the Parksville and Qualicum Beach areas are fairly law-abiding, says Corporal Mike Elston of Central Island Traffic Services.

That being said, he stressed there’s still too much of it going on.

“In my personal opinion, Oceanside has good compliance rates when it comes to seat belts and cell phone use. There is still an issue with texting and talking on cell phones while driving however.”

Elston said police find it more difficult to catch people texting than talking , more so while they’re driving a marked RCMP vehicle.

“People tend to be on their best behaviour when they see us,” he said. “We attempt to be creative in trying to track down offenders and we will continue to do so.”