Dog attack prompts community help

Anonymous citizens step forward to pay veterinarian bill

The community has opened its heart to a woman who was the victim of a vicious dog attack last week in Qualicum Beach.

Hilliers resident Danielle Bluestone said she has received an outpouring of support from numerous area residents who were outraged about the attack, which saw her dog mauled and her hands bitten by a Rottweiler and a terrier cross while they were walking in Hamilton Marsh the morning of Feb. 21.

“It’s amazing,” an emotional Bluestone said Monday. “I’m quite overwhelmed. People have been so kind. I don’t even know how many people phoned the vet and offered to pay Sasha’s bill. There’s a lot of love and support and I’m grateful for that.”

She said the $700 vet bill has been paid in full by an anonymous donor.

“I have no idea who paid the bill,” she said. “That’s just wonderful.”

Bluestone said her hands are healing and her dog, Sasha, is also recovering.

“We are both still a little freaked out, though.”

The investigation into the attack by the Regional District of Nanaimo’s bylaw control officer is continuing.