Door-to-door sales still against law in Parksville

Mayor puts out reminder after hearing about aggressive sales people going door to door in Parksville

Having heard some recent complaints, Parksville mayor Chris Burger wants to remind people door to door selling is prohibited.

When council updated the city’s business and licensing bylaw last November they added a section specifically banning direct, door to door sales, but they carefully targeted it, he was quick to point out.

The ban exempts “appeals made by churches, similar religious organizations and other not-for-profit organizations,” which Burger pointed out includes things like charity bottle drives, cancer society canvassers, Girl Guides and political campaigners. “I think this area’s a bit unique — we have an older population and council is quite concerned about intimidation and the use of pressure tactics.”

He said before the bylaw was passed he had an experience with an aggressive salesman at his door that even he had trouble politely refusing, and he later noticed signs from that company on several of his elderly neighbour’s lawns. There is a $100 fine for violating the ban and Burger encourages residents to let door to door solicitors know about the bylaw and report them to the bylaw enforcement department at 250-954-4672 during business hours or the police after hours and on weekends.                                                                — Auren Ruvinsky