Erratic driver spotted, caught

Police track down driver of red sports car

When police in one jurisdiction are unable to catch up with a drunk driver, that doesn’t mean the RCMP won’t get their man — or woman.

That was the case Friday night, when police received several calls about a Red Saturn that was weaving all over the road, changing speeds and almost hitting a lamp post on Highway 19 at about 9:30 p.m.

The vehicle was last seen near Big Boy’s Toys, heading south and while the local highway patrol attempted to find the vehicle, they were unable to do so.

However, they transferred the file to police in Nanaimo, who also received a call about the same car.

They were able to find the car and, once it was pulled over, they demanded a breath sample from a 54-year-old Port Alberni woman. She failed and had her license suspended for 90 days and had her car impounded.

“She left the area in a taxi,” said Oceanside RCMP Corporal Richard van de Pol.