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Four arrested in Oceanside after Nanaimo cab stolen

Thieves should realize cabs are equipped with a GPS

The thing about stealing taxi cabs, as one group of young people found out, is that as soon as the owner knows its gone, he also knows where it is.

That’s because, said Oceanside RCMP Corporal Richard van de Pol, they come equipped with a global positioning system (GPS).

Van de Pol said police in Oceanside were alerted to a report of a stolen cab on Friday morning after it was taken from a driveway in Nanaimo before 7:30 a.m.

“The vehicle was located using GPS and the detachment was alerted it was coming our way,” van de Pol said. “Members intercepted the vehicle and were able to get it stopped.”

The cab contained four people, two males and two females, all of whom were placed under arrest.

“The driver, a 21-year-old Nanaimo man, faces charges of theft and possession of stolen property. The other passengers, two females, one from Victoria and one from Courtenay, along with a second male from Nanaimo, may be facing charges as well.”

The cab was returned unharmed to its rightful owner.