Fraser not pleased with short Victoria session

Alberni-Pacific Rim MLA says Premier Christy Clark is following in Gordon Campbell's footsteps

The end of the legislative session — one of the shortest on record — shows there’s little difference between the current premier and the last, says Scott Fraser.

The Alberni-Pacific Rim MLA said he was dismayed by the government’s refusal to extend the session.

“We asked for two more weeks and instead they let us stay until 9 p.m. That was day two that Christy Clark has been in the house and they invoked closure. She had a day and a half and then said, that’s enough, and they shut it down.”

Fraser said the truncated session means the opposition had insufficient time to properly debate the $40 billion budget — a task he said is one of the basic tenets of the democratic process.

“There was record short debate on every issue. They shut down the time we need to debate these things and hold them to account — this after 10 months of not sitting.”

Fraser said the move was indicative of the premier not taking the democratic process seriously.

“So much for a brave new world with a new premier. This legislature is like a media prop for her, and she treats it that way. There’s a lot more to being a premier than a photo op.”