French Creek Bridge too old for new sidewalks, says ministry

Cyclists are just going to have to put up with narrow bridge

It may be a while before cyclists in Oceanside see any changes to the situation at the French Creek bridge.

Last week a campaign was launched by the Oceanside Cycling Coalition to have something done about the narrow, slippery wooden bike and pedestrian lane on both sides of the bridge on Highway 19A, but a spokesperson for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure said it’s not feasible to widen the lanes at this time.

“Safety for all road users is the ministry’s top priority, and ministry engineers look forward to working with local cycling representatives to discuss ways  to address cyclists’ concerns about French Creek Bridge,” Trotter said.

“Last month the issue was brought to the ministry’s attention, and  a ministry engineer evaluated the bridge. It was determined  it is not feasible to retrofit wider sidewalks on the bridge.”

Trotter added that when  the structure is due for rehabilitation, the ministry  will evaluate the needs of all road users and at that time, the design could incorporate a wider sidewalk.

“In the interim, ministry engineers would be happy to meet with local cycling coalition reps to discuss interim signage options and to address concerns about the visibility of the approach barrier,” she said.