French Creek property ordered to clean up

Vehicles and refuse said to litter grounds of the home

The Regional District of Nanaimo has lost patience with the owner of one French Creek-area property after numerous complaints about its unsightly nature went unheeded.

Tom Armet, the building, bylaw and emergency planning services director for the RDN reported Tuesday that the property, at 1532 Marine Circle, contains an unsightly accumulation of derelict vehicles, debris and refuse.

He noted the RDN has received complaints about the property for the past six years and ordered the owner to clean it up in early 2008. In that instance, the property was cleaned up, but it took six months for it to happen. Since that time, numerous other complaints have poured in.

In February of this year, district staff inspected the property and found it had two derelict vehicles, piles of garbage bags and rubbish and debris in both the front and side yards.

Although the owner was directed in writing to clean up the property, two further inspections showed no change in the mess and no response from the owner.

“It is apparent … that this owner will not maintain the property in compliance with Regional District of Nanaimo regulations,” he said in his report.


Directors voted to order the owner to clean it up within 30 days, or the RDN will do it and present the homeowner with the bill.