Grumpy at times?

I wonder how you will be when you also become a senior citizen

  • Oct. 1, 2013 8:00 a.m.

In response to Conni Pfeiffer’s letter in the Sept. 24 edition of The NEWS complaining about the negativity of some of the older folks living in Qualicum Beach, obviously these people are at a different stage in their lives than you.

Change is hard for some people at any age and can be particularly hard for some seniors to accept.

I am guessing that a large portion of these “old, grumpy people” as Pfeiffer calls them, also raised families, worked, had active lives and participated in all kinds of fun activities, just like you are doing now.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, young or old.

I am now one of these older people, in my opinion, not grumpy though.

I raised a family, worked at a job, volunteered in the community, went back to college and had a very full and at times, fun-filled life.

Would be interesting to see what kind of older person Pfeiffer turns out to be, when her family is grown and gone, when she no longer works out of the home and when, perhaps due to the odd aching bone or two, she can’t be involved as much in all the fun activities that you now participate in.

I wonder if she might be a little grumpy at times?

Teresa Shore