Hunt is on for planter bandit

Police would like to know more about the rash of thefts of hanging baskets and planters in Errington

Errington planters are not safe, and the police would like to know more.

Sandy Palmer, owner of the Little Mountain Cafe said they had two hanging baskets stolen from in front of their store overnight Sunday.

“I watered them yesterday and they were all pretty and this morning they were gone and they were really nailed in there,” she said.

She estimated they were worth $50 each and it looked like someone was careful pulling them out rather than just tearing them out.

“The weird thing is this morning a customer who lives nearby said he also had one stolen last week,” Palmer said. Her neighbour said the same.

“We had one stolen last week and four were stolen last year,” said Carol Dobson, manager of Pet Mania next door. And all of hers were stolen while they were open since they take them in at night.

Palmer said she hasn’t reported it to police because “I know they’d just laugh,” but the police said they want to hear about all crime in the region.