Keeping it simple

Tax forms, like remotes, are too complicated for easy use

  • Mar. 12, 2013 6:00 a.m.

I have just recently tackled the T1 General British Columbia tax return package after allowing my wife to suffer through this chore for many years.

I have a very simple submission with a very complicated, 62-page package of information, boxes and numbers.

I have a strong feeling of frustration as I flip back and forth from page to page as the instructions note, not because I do not understand it, but because the whole thing seems so unnecessary.

I flip from page to page, calculating things that do not apply, subtracting numbers that have no meaning to me and filling blank spaces with the same numbers time after time.

When did the short form disappear and why?

Two or three hours of my life are wasted and cannot be retrieved and I dash off to let the professionals take over.

I write this with tongue in cheek and compare this madness to my four remote controls, all with 40 to 50 buttons of which I use 12.

A person with the ability could, after tuning one’s television and satellite or cable, come up with a remote with only buttons needed for simple control so some of us seniors could not get into trouble.

I think whoever did this could easily make a million.

W. H. Martin