Lefebvre seeks return in Parksville

Election action continues to heat up in Parksville

Current Parksville councilor Marc Lefebvre announced this week he is running for his fourth consecutive term on council.

Lefebvre, best known on council for his tireless advocacy for access and mobility issues, he often points out it is cheaper and easier to build new construction with all the necessary facilities than it is to add them after the fact.

He applies this principal to other favourite topics like pre-plumbing roofs for hot water solar panels and low-flush toilets.

He is also eager for the city to be putting more effort into infrastructure through community planning and creative new partnerships.

As an example he points to work that the Lions Club would like to do on the Adventureland playground in Community Park in the coming years and suggests the city not only partner with the Lions, but look at neighbouring communities and other clubs that use the park and creative fundraising efforts.