Man hurt in soaring, fiery crash

Vehicle soars through the air after hitting roundabout, bursts into flames

A 29-year-old Victoria man is recovering from back injuries after a spectacular motor vehicle crash at the Qualicum Beach roundabout Monday night.

Oceanside RCMP Sergeant Darrell Robertson said the incident happened at about 9:30 p.m. when the eastbound Chevy Impala hit the roundabout at Rupert Road.

The vehicle was launched into the air by the impact, sailing for about 20 metres before hitting the ground and continuing for another 20 metres.

The man was able to scramble to safety just before the vehicle subsequently burst into flames.

As the Qualicum Beach Volunteer Fire Department scrambled to respond, the vehicle became completely engulfed in flames, destroying the car and causing significant damage to the roundabout structure.

The driver, who has been charged under the Motor Vehicle Act for driving without due care and attention, was taken to hospital with complaints of back injuries.

Alcohol was determined not to have been a factor in this collision.