Marine tourism possibility in Qualicum Beach: buoys off the beach?

Councillors were not happy with direction of staff’s report

There are many Island communities that are dropping buoys into the water for boats to use and Qualicum Beach should be able to do the same, according to Coun. Dave Willie.

Council directed staff in March to  examine the possibility of placing buoys offshore of the town’s waterfront to encourage marine tourism. Staff and the town’s cultural consultant contacted various organizations and prepared a memo for council to review at the last council meeting Monday.

“(The report) has found absolutely every reason in the world why we can’t do something and I think for a report to be balanced, coming from the cultural side of it and the tourism possibilities et cetera, there should be another side on, would it increase tourism?” said Coun. Mary Brouilette.

Coun. Bill Luchtmeijer agreed saying the report stressed what the town can’t do rather than how to do make this happen.

Willie said the marine industry has indicated that Qualicum Beach is the perfect spot for people to park their boats and come into town, and “it’s the simplest thing to do.”

Sales introduced the memo saying there are a number of complicating factors making it challenging for the town to pursue mooring buoys offshore, including jurisdictional and legal issues, but there may be a role for the town in supporting private operators.

Council directed staff to revisit the report and investigate more options.