Millions drop and take cover

Parksville people take part in world-wide Shakeout drill

Parksville city hall employees — and Mayor Chris Burger — dropped

Parksville city hall employees — and Mayor Chris Burger — dropped

The Great Shakeout was said to be a success last Thursday in Parksville Qualicum Beach where schools and businesses took part in the world’s largest earthquake drill.

Locals joined more than 24 million people around the world in the simultaneous drill meant to get people thinking about emergency preparation and give organizations a chance to test their plans.

With an electronic announcement rather than actual shaking, City of Parksville staff followed the drop, cover and hold on guideline, getting under tables and desks for 60 seconds.

After evacuating the building, people returned to set up the emergency operations centre.

Based in the Parksville Civic and Technology Centre forum — with other options in line if that was damaged — city staff and community experts including the emergency communications and emergency services volunteers arrived quickly and set up stations.

Emergency coordinator Aaron Dawson previously said they would spend time debriefing and fine tuning plans and actions after the drill, but in the moment everything appeared to work.

He said the regular little glitches, where certain things are or where people should be, were exactly the reason they hold the annual drill.

Everyone is encouraged to make sure their home, family and work is prepared for a large scale emergency with a minimum three day supply of essentials and a working plan.

Check for lots of good information and contact your local fire department for local concerns.