Monster hunter considers third expedition to Cameron Lake

Cryptozoologist John Kirk wants another crack at finding Cammie

Monster hunter John Kirk is considering another expedition to Cameron Lake - but he needs sponsors

Monster hunter John Kirk is considering another expedition to Cameron Lake - but he needs sponsors

John Kirk got a taste for the jagged, underwater canyons on the bottom of Cameron Lake, and he wants to take a closer look.

In a perfect world, he would also like to see what many people believe is swimming amongst them.

The head of the BC Cryptozoology Club said his team of researchers has made two expeditions to Cameron Lake in search of the fabled Cameron Lake creature and while they have yet to find concrete evidence of a large creature lurking in the depths, they have come across some intriguing clues, such as large sonar hits in the waters off Angel Rock.

Kirk said he would like to make another expedition to Cameron Lake, possibly in the spring.

“We would love to come some time if we had some sponsorship,” Kirk said. “It wouldn’t be until the spring, because this is the middle of Sasquatch season. Winter is better than summer, when the ground is hard packed, because you can see tracks in the snow.”

Kirk said interest in the Cameron Lake creature, dubbed Cammie by some, is high right now, suggesting that could be because people continue to have sightings as they drive past the lake.

“After our last expedition we got an e-mail from a lawyer who had been driving to Tofino on holiday with his family and some friends they looked out at Cameron Lake and were excited to see the whales in the lake,” Kirk said. “Then they realized it was a lake and there are no whales in lakes. They said it was black in colour and about the size of a whale. Between six and eight people saw it, so it’s starting to kill my  theory of it being a very large sturgeon.”

Ideally, Kirk said, he would like to tour the lake bottom in a submersible, but concedes such an adventure is far beyond his group’s financial capabilities.

“We want to get something from somebody, at least on a loan basis, that would give us more definition,” he said. “The really expensive option would be to get a submersible – and there are a couple in B.C. that could do the job. Failing that, we would love to get our hands on a more sophisticated sonar unit.”

Kirk stressed his group is going to need a sponsor in order to mount another expedition to the lake, regardless of the technology involved.

Kirk can be reached through the B.C. Cryptozoology Club website at