NDP hold on to Alberni-Pacific Rim

Scott Fraser cruises to lopsided victory with more than 57 per cent of the vote

  • May. 16, 2013 10:00 a.m.
Scott Fraser and his wife Delores share a kiss  Tuesday night after Fraser was re-elected for the NDP in Alberni-Pacific Rim.

Scott Fraser and his wife Delores share a kiss Tuesday night after Fraser was re-elected for the NDP in Alberni-Pacific Rim.

Alberni Valley News staff

and John Harding, editor, Parksville Qualicum Beach News


Scott Fraser, the incumbent NDP MLA for Alberni-Pacific Rim, has won the battle for his seat.

But his party has lost the war in the provincial election with the election of a Liberal majority government on Tuesday.

Fraser took the riding with 9,829 votes. Liberal candidate Darren  DeLuca had 5,981, and BC Conservative candidate Enid Mary Sangster-Kelly earned 1,377 votes.

Officials reported an overall B.C. voter turnout at 48 per cent.

“I’m grateful for . . . a resounding endorsement from the voters of Alberni-Pacific Rim,” Fraser said.

“Darren put up a good fight and I always expect a fight.”

Fraser circulated about the room at the Steelworkers Hall on Montrose Street, which was filled with a who’s-who from Port Alberni labour: Steelworkers, ADTU, district labour council and others.

The Liberal majority shocked Fraser. “I travelled across B.C. and most people said that they were ready for a change,” he said.

Fraser said he’ll continue to fight for issues that are pertinent to the Alberni Valley. Raw log exports need to be reduced, and the value of logs has to be increased in relation to jobs, he said.

The forest industry needs to be better managed, and the Raven Underground Coal Project bears watching, he added. “Those checks and balances need to be there so we don’t end up losing what we already have.”

The NDP may be in opposition again but there’s still an obligation to hold the Liberal government to account, Fraser said.

Across town at Liberal headquarters, challenger Darren DeLuca said he gave it his best shot. “I came out of the gate late but we gave it a good run,” DeLuca said.

Business types, city councillor Hira Chopra and Federal Conservative MP James Lunney milled about DeLuca’s campaign headquarters on the old Nanaimo Highway. “I was at Liberal offices here in past elections and we were lucky to get 12 people and a sleepy dog out. Tonight there’s about 100 people here,” DeLuca said.

The Liberal platform of jobs and the economy resonated with voters, and a majority government validates their staying power, DeLuca said.

“Win or lose, our community is looking for leadership with those issues,” he said.

DeLuca spoke often about a Highway 4 connector. The issue is prominent, needed, and is now part of the Valley’s agenda. “No matter who or what party leads, the people want someone who can get that done,” DeLuca said.

B.C. Conservative candidate Sangster-Kelly was asked by The Parksville Qualicum Beach News what message she heard from the result of the vote Tuesday night.

“They gave the message they never met me,” Sangster-Kelly said Wednesday morning. “It was a huge riding and we had a very small team. I knew it was a crap shoot but it was an amazing experience. The fact I didn’t win — no big deal for me.”