Neglected cats saved by Comox Valley SPCA shelter

SPCA says it would be grateful to receive help from locals with the care of these 18 animals seized from a house in Bowser

A total of 18 cats and kittens were seized recently from a home in Bowser.

A total of 18 cats and kittens were seized recently from a home in Bowser.

It was the worst case of animal neglect she had ever seen.

Now Comox Valley and District SPCA shelter supervisor Jennifer Filgate is looking for help to look after seven cats and 11 kittens seized from a home in Bowser on Sept. 11.

The Siamese cats were found malnourished and dehydrated and suffering from a wide range of medical issues.

“They had extreme fleas so bad that quite a few of them are either missing hair or are hairless altogether,” she said. “They were also suffering from malnutrition and internal parasites like tapeworm and roundworm.”

The kittens were covered in dried blood from the flea bites when they were seized.

“This is probably the worst case of just plain neglect I’ve ever seen,” she said. “It was completely preventable. It wasn’t abuse, it was just plain neglect. It’s heartbreaking.”

The cats and kittens, she added, are going to need intensive treatment over the next several weeks.

“They are very, very friendly and very happy now that they are cleaned up,” Filgate said. “They will be in our care for quite some time, as it takes more than one treatment to deal with internal parasites. They need time, nutrition and care.”

The SPCA is seeking to lay charges against the former owner of the animals.

Filgate noted the shelter had already been inundated with cats prior to the seizure.

“We are full to capacity with kittens and adult cats,” she said. “It has been a challenge to care for all the incoming animals, including the 18 cats and kittens rescued last week.”

She said the branch would be grateful for any donations that would help the shelter look after the animals.

Anyone who can help is asked to call the shelter at 250-339-7722.