New helmet law in effect for motorcyclists

Police will go easy on helmet offenders — at least, at first

Motorcyclists who ride unsafely are going to find even more consequences than the usual risk of death and injury, now that the provincial government has amended the Motor Vehicle Act.

As of June 1, motorcycle riders and passengers will be required to wear Snell, ECE or DOT compliant helmets.

To help get this message across, police across the province will help ensure a smooth transition to the new laws by carrying out an educational enforcement strategy for one month

Anyone caught without a proper helmet will not be given a ticket but rather, police, whenever possible, will ensure they have safe alternative transportation. Full enforcement will begin on July 1.

In addition to improved helmet laws, new seating laws will require motorcycle riders to keep their feet placed on the foot pegs or floorboards or be seated in a sidecar. Violation of seating requirements will be treated as stunt riding and will result in motorcycle impoundment and fines.

Impoundment is mandatory and began on June 1.