New youth choir to focus on harmony

After successful first adult season vocal instructors have expanded offering to youth

Sharon Tomczyk is one of the instructors behind the new Vocal Motion Teen Performance Choir starting this month

Sharon Tomczyk is one of the instructors behind the new Vocal Motion Teen Performance Choir starting this month


After being overwhelmed by positive feedback from members in a new adult performance choir, two local vocal instructors will now be offering a youth choir this fall.

Sound Connection is an adult performance-focused choir which sings contemporary and popular music in two or three part harmonies. Vocalists Sharon Tomczyk and Megan Keene started the choir in January of this year, and their fall session is now full to the brim.

“We have had many members talk to us in private about how important the experience has been to them, and how grateful they have been to finally ‘find their voice’ through the group,” said Tomczyk. “We both feel very honoured to be able to provide the space for that to happen.” She added the instructors have also received a number of e-mails from happy choir members.

The new Vocal Motion Teen Performance Choir, starting up September 26, will offer something a little different than other local vocal youth groups, Tomczyk said, as the popular songs and arrangements will be specifically designed for the teens.

Youth will sing in two or three part harmonies and the environment will allow for creativity and self-expression, Tomczyk said.

There will also be opportunities for eager young musicians to accompany the singers on instruments.

Tomczyk said beyond the learning outcomes there will be some playfulness at Vocal Motion and friendship is encouraged.

“It can be a lot easier to express yourself vocally when you feel the friendly encouragement of the entire group, leaders and other participants alike,” she said.

Tomczyk and Keene are the lead singers and song-writers in the alt-rock band Counting Time, and Tomczyk is also a co-founder of The Soundgarden at the Coombs Fairgrounds, a music centre that provides musicians a place to play and live entertainment for the community. The Soundgarden is where the lessons will be held.

No experience is necessary to join the choir, only an eagerness to learn, and boys and girls aged 14 to 18 are welcomed. It will run Thursdays from 4 to 5:45 p.m. and bus options are available from both high schools. The cost is $40 for five sessions.

Members of the youth choir will be encouraged to stretch their wings, but the group will not be performing publicly until the members are ready.

The adult Sound Connection choir is performing this year at the Child Haven International fundraiser on Oct. 25.

Anyone interested in joining Vocal Motion can call Sharon at 250-752-3950 or e-mail


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