No reason for complacency about ecstacy in Oceanside – police

Police say you never know what you're getting with popular rave drug

Even though Oceanside has not experienced any ecstacy-related deaths to date, that’s no reason for complacency, say police.

Oceanside RCMP Community policing officer Const. Pam Casey said this area hasn’t had reports of deaths or illnesses related to the use of the drug, but that doesn’t mean it’s not around.

“I can’t say ecstacy has been an issue for our community, but I’m not saying it isn’t here,” she said. “In my work with youth in the schools there hasn’t been much reported that could be a problem.”

The comments came in light of a series of deaths in Calgary and Vancouver linked to the drug.

Athough there haven’t been any deaths, Casey said she doesn’t want people to think the ecstacy on Vancouver Island is any safer than anywhere else, noting there is no guarantee  about what will be in the pills.

“It could be anything,” she said. “It could be a mixture of different drugs, something they like to call a cocktail. There are so many drugs, such as caffeine to metamphetamine and ketamine that could be added to the usual MDMA, and they call it ecstacy.”

Rolling the dice by taking such a cocktail, she said, could have fatal consequences.

“B.C. has an average of 20 ecstacy deaths per year, but none in our area,” Casey said. “However, when you take ecstacy, you are always taking that risk.”