Parksville changes sidewalk maintenance

Protocol replaces former policy last updated in 1998

The City of Parksville updated its street and sidewalk inspection and maintenance policy at their Sept. 5 regular meeting.

The new policy replaces one last updated in 1998 and changes the frequency of required inspections from once a year to every three years in most of the city and from four times a year to once a year in the downtown core.

Director of operations Alan Metcalf said they have changed their tree planting specifications to cause fewer problems with roots pushing up concrete.

A member of the public later asked the city to look into clutter on sidewalks like sandwich boards that can impede people in wheelchairs or with other mobility issues, which mayor Chris Burger said they would do.

He said the city has had nine insurance claims against it related to sidewalks in the last 15 years and paid an indemnity on two of them.