Parksville vandalism suspects identified

Police say those responsible for the damage at Pacific Brimm coffee shop are a 12 year-old and a 14 year-old

  • Feb. 4, 2014 9:00 a.m.


After a four-minute video went viral, two youngsters allegedly responsible for vandalizing Pacific Brimm’s patio Jan. 22 have been identified.

Oceanside RCMP Corporal Jesse Foreman said two young men from Parksville, ages 12 and 14, are responsible for causing “a significant amount of damage” to the locally owned and operated business.

“Surveillance is always an excellent deterrent,” said Foreman. “Without it, this case likely wouldn’t have been solved.”

Foreman said the 12-year-old will take part in Arrowsmith Justice Society’s Restorative Justice process.

Foreman also said the 14-year-old offender will be forwarded to Crown counsel for possible charges, due to the teen’s prior involvement with the RCMP.

“Under the Youth Criminal Justice Act we try and exercise every available option before using the court,” Foreman said about the Restorative Justice process. “The idea is for youth going through the process to realize what they have done wrong.”

Restorative Justice involves the offender, the victim and police, who collectively address the crime and come up with some type of resolution.

“We’re lucky to have the program here,” said Foreman, adding that it has a successful track record.

Pacific Brimm owner Teresa Patterson said she is thankful for her recently-installed surveillance cameras, as well as the power of the internet and the concern of the community.

“The video went viral on Facebook,” said Patterson, who noted that the week following the vandalism she had youth, community members and organizations contacting her with various tips.

“All of the leads I received pointed to the same two suspects,” she said.

Despite being left to clean up broken glass and cigarette butts, Patterson remains compassionate to the young individuals.

“I’m a mother first and foremost,” she said. “I sympathize with those who don’t have a home life that is strong and involved, but we live in a community that is willing to support youth and I am hoping they (the youth who allegedly performed these acts of vandalism) will see that.”

Patterson said she has “a soft spot for youth” and will work alongside RCMP in the Restorative Justice program.

The outdoor gate to Pacific Brimm’s backyard patio now has a sign reading: “Smile, you’re on camera.”