Party hosts be safe: RCMP

Not only the drunk driver has something to answer for after a party

The message about drivers taking responsibility for their sobriety when they get behind the wheel, but police want others to take some responsibility, too.

Oceanside RCMP Sergeant Darrell Robertson said he hopes New Years party hosts will keep an eye on their guests as they head out the door at the end of the night and take steps, should someone want to drive home after they’ve had a skinful.

“Drinking and driving starts not just in the car but at home when you start talking about having people over for a drink,” Robertson said. “It is also a responsibility for property owners. Drinking and driving kills. The choice to drive or not drive is that individual’s, but we are requesting that people be responsible. They could be saving a life and it could be their own.”

Robertson suggested recruiting someone to serve as a designated driver for the party, so people don’t feel they have to make a hard choice at the end of the night. As well, he said, consider both arriving and leaving by taxi.

If a guest appears intent on driving home after they’ve had too much to drink, Robertson suggested the hosts take action, even if it causes some awkwardness at the door.

“Encourage guests to give up their keys,” he said. “If somebody insists on driving, call the police.”

For their part, both the Oceanside RCMP and Central Island Traffic Services will be on patrol in the days and nights leading up to the new year, to catch and process anyone who managed to avoid this first line of defense.