Paying it forward after getting a hand

‘I have no idea who it was,' says Parksville man after someone paid for his groceries

A Good Samaritan helped Parksville resident Gord Campbell last week, so he immediately paid it forward.

Campbell was in the check-out line at Thrifty Foods recently and when it came time to pay, he found he didn’t have his credit card on his person.

He left the $38 dollars worth of groceries at the counter and went to his car to see if he could locate his card.

“Out came the cashier with my two bags of groceries,” said Campbell. “Some Good Samaritan in line paid for my groceries. I have no idea who it was.”

Campbell, who has lived in Parksville since 1967, used his good fortune to help others. He said he went almost straight away to the Salvation Army and donated $38.50 to the food bank.