Powell wants more information

Parksville city councillor wants to meet with potential developers before any process begins

Parksville councillor Sue Powell would like to hear more from the proponents of big developments in the city.

She brought forward a notice of motion at the previous council meeting asking staff for a report on “a policy to require developers of major land-use projects to make a presentation to council at an open meeting, prior to the statutory process.”

She later explained that council used to get more of the currently-optional presentations early in the application process, where developers would explain the project and be available to answer questions.

She said it now seems they come as formal applications through staff and there isn’t the same amount of information early in the process.

She points to some open houses in recent years held by developers where there might be a lot of comments made, but only those formally written down by people who signed in would be registered and forwarded to council.

“This is a way to have the discussion, I think it would serve the citizens more appropriately,” she said adding it might be a way to “head off problems in the future.”

Staff was scheduled to receive a verbal report on a possible policy at their July 15 meeting after press deadline.