Properly dispose of briquets when picnicking in Oceanside woods

Just because the briquets are completely white doesn't mean they can't start a fire

Just because barbecue briquets have gone entirely white doesn’t mean it is entirely out, and that’s a message Marg Drysdale wants to get out to campers this summer.

The information officer for the Coastal Fire Centre said charcoal has become more popular recently, but many people are unaware of the proper way to use and dispose of it.

“At the end of their barbecue people will just dump the briquets out under a tree,” she said. “They don’t realize there still can be embers among them. They have to realize that briquets have to be put out as well.”

She advised campers to bring along a small can of water to the barbecue and put the used briquets in it at the end of the event.