Candidate Anne Skipsey. (Submitted photo)

Candidate Anne Skipsey. (Submitted photo)

Qualicum Beach byelection 2021: Anne Skipsey

Candidate profile

Qualicum Beach voters return to the polls on May 15 for a byelection to fill the vacant council slot left after Adam Walker was elected MLA for Parksville-Qualicum. The PQB News asked each of the five registered candidates to submit short bios. A question-and-answer feature will also appear closer to election day.

Anne Skipsey

After a wonderful outpouring of support and encouragement from Qualicum Beach residents over the past few months, I am excited to announce that I am running in the May 15 byelection.

We each have our own reasons for choosing Qualicum Beach. Having grown up here, in 2012 my family chose to return because of the exceptional quality of life this town offers. People come from all over to shop in our attractive walkable uptown, to check out our vibrant arts scene or to stroll along the beachfront or through the Heritage Forest.

I have a degree in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University and worked 15 years at the City of Burnaby, gaining knowledge and expertise in corporate administration and local government. I also have the experience of being a Qualicum Beach councillor in 2014-18. This is a byelection, not a general election. There are only a short 18 months left in this term, and the person who is elected needs to be someone who knows the town, the policies, the people to talk to when things need doing, someone who can to hit the ground running. I have done this job before, I know what it takes to get things done. I am ready to start working full-time for the residents of Qualicum Beach.

I value open dialogue; open civil discussions around the issues and opportunities our community is facing. Transparent two-way communication is the path forward.

I look forward to talking to residents and business people over the next few weeks of the campaign to hear your thoughts, ideas and any concerns. I can be reached by email, phone or through my website ( and will be connecting with as many people as I possibly can.

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We are very fortunate that over the decades many things have been done well – from the beautification of our uptown to the provision of good clean drinking water. I attribute this to engaged citizens, strong leadership, and a Plan with a Vision, which is our Official Community Plan (OCP).

The very first Official Community Plan was created in the 1970s when my dad was mayor, and it laid out the type of community Qualicum Beach wanted to be. Over the decades, the OCP has evolved, but it has always reflected the community’s shared vision and values. As a councillor, I have a track record of supporting development which aligns with the OCP. My understanding of the OCP, and my commitment to it is clear, comprehensive, and consistent.

Qualicum Beach is at a crossroads. My track record of civic involvement, my knowledge of local government, my prior service as a councillor and, most of all, my love of this special place we call Qualicum Beach, uniquely qualifies me.

I have served before. With your support, I look forward to serving you again.

I am asking for your vote in this byelection, either on election day, in the advance voting, or by mail-in ballot.

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