Rae-sing hope for Liberal Miller

Bob Rae drops by to add his support

Bob Rae dropped by to lend his support to the Miller campaign

Bob Rae dropped by to lend his support to the Miller campaign

Conservative James Lunney has turned the riding into Tea Party North, says Liberal candidate Renee Miller.

Coming out on the attack this week, Miller questioned the leadership the people of the constituency have received from Lunney over the past 11 years.  

“He has created an image of our constituency as the Canadian home of the American Tea Party North,” she said. “Dr. Lunney has not risen to any position of influence in opposition or in Steven Harper’s government, and the constituency is viewed as a backwater.” 

Miller cited Lunney’s questioning of evolution, his views against a woman’s right to control her body, views opposing gay marriage and his support for more tanker traffic as examples.

“It’s no wonder the people of this constituency are not given the respect they deserve,” Miller said.

Miller said this image doesn’t fit with the creativity, vibrancy and ideas of the constituents of Nanaimo-Alberni, whether young or old.  

“We need new ideas and new leadership, which I believe I can give,” she said.

“We need to be full participants in the changes taking place in Canada and we need to be taken seriously.”