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Regional District of Nanaimo looks to develop its very own flag

Staff members forced to have makeshift one created for scheduled conference

The Regional District of Nanaimo found itself in a bind when they were planning to host the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities Conference, cancelled early this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The RDN didn’t have a flag to display along with the other municipalities at the head table. It was the only jurisdiction that didn’t have its own flag.

In a pinch, RDN staff decided to improvise and had a flag made that featured the RDN logo and named printed on it. Since the event was cancelled, RDN recommended at its committee of the whole on Sept. 8 that the board update its flag policy to replace the no-longer-used Vancouver Island flag and replace it with an RDN flag.

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Chair Ian Thorpe and most of the directors were surprised to learn that RDN did not have its own flag.

The proposed policy updates include highlights when and where the RDN flags are flown as well as when half-masting occurs. The committee decided not to vote on the recommended updates, as they wanted a new crest and design that better reflects the regional district.

Electoral Area F (Nanoose Bay) director Bob Rogers said that development of the flag should be discussed and reviewed by the board.

“It’s not appropriate that a flag be determined without input from the board,” he said.

City of Nanaimo director Don Bonner added perhaps the community can also be involved and be given the chance to give its input.

A motion was unanimously passed to refer the flag policy update back to staff and a report to be presented to the board.


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