(PQB News file photo)

(PQB News file photo)

Regional District of Nanaimo to change bylaw services name for River’s Edge

Recommendation was made to prevent confusion

The Regional District of Nanaimo is changing the service area bylaws name for the 152 residential subdivision near Kaye Road, behind the Parksville commercial truck weigh scales known as River’s Edge, to avoid confusion.

The service area bylaws were legally named Englishman River Community Services in 2005 but has often been confused with the nearby joint water supply agreement with Parksville called the Englishman River Water Service.

They are so similar it has caused misunderstandings from property owners, realtors and special interest groups on issues such as water restrictions, budgets, environmental monitoring and future water supply limitations.

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RDN staff indicated they are two separate entities that serve different taxpayers and areas with different operating permits and budgets. They recommended the name of the service areas, and the related bylaws pertaining to the Kaye Road subdivision, be renamed to River’s Edge.

The Electoral Area Services Committee endorsed staff recommendation at its meeting on March 3. It will be presented to the RDN board to be given three readings prior to submitting the new name to the Inspector of Municipalities for approval.


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