Reitsma’s mayoral bid cost $11,937

Final three candidates have filed their civic election expenses

The final three Parksville candidates reported their municipal election spending, with former councillor Jim Banks spending the most.

Banks, who had been a councillor in Parksville for 12 years and the District of Sparwood for three, spent the most of the unsuccessful candidates at $1,227, which he contributed himself. That places him in the middle of the 13 council candidates.

While the rest of the 17 candidates for mayor and council have already been reported here, of the final three former federal candidate Jesse Schroeder spent $524, contributing $435 himself and Alicia Vanin spent just $50, self contributed.

Successful mayoral candidate Chris Burger spent $3,792, while former mayor Paul Reitsma spent $11,937. Marc Lefebvre, running for his fourth term, spent the most ($2,059) of the council candidates, while Vanin, the youngest at 19, spent the second least, ahead of Charlie Stone who didn’t spend anything.

There were no campaign donations of note made to any of the candidates.

Parksville 2011 election spending:

– Chris Burger $3,792 –

Paul Reitsma $11,937

Richard Honaizer $200

Antonio Farinha $0

– Marc Lefebvre $2,059 –

– Al Greir $1,755 –

– Sue Powell $1,749 –

– Bill Neufeld $1,437 –

– Peter Morrison $1,400 –

– Carrie Powell-Davidson  $632 –

Jim Banks $1,227

Peter Simkin $1,078

Jesse Schroeder $524

Patricia Sibley $165

Alicia Vanin $50

Teresa Patterson $30

Charlie Stone $0

– denotes election winner