Round runs in Area G

Duane Round wants to help improve the lives of area residents with his candidacy

Duane Round ... wants to see fair taxation and  spending restraint

Duane Round ... wants to see fair taxation and spending restraint

Duane Round has announced he is a candidate for RDN Director in Electoral Area G.

He said he is running because he believes in participating in his community and he enjoys helping to improve the lives of people and gets great satisfaction from doing a good job.

“Having been involved with many volunteer groups as a worker and board member, including the latest as Building Chair of the Lions Affordable Housing on Jensen Avenue, I have shown that I can bring different governments and organizations together for a common good,” he said.

“My ability to listen to a variety of opinions and find solutions will be put to work representing all residents of Area G.”

He is running on a platform of fair taxes, spending restraint and accountability which he said is needed especially at this time to ensure that citizens can continue to enjoy their lives without undue interference by government.


He stated that more advocacy to provincial and federal  governments is needed.

“The current Area G Director Joe Stanhope is a nice person and I appreciate all his effort as regional director these last 18 years. I have the energy and time to move forward to continue this work, while introducing new ideas to improve our  quality of life and make a difference,” he said.

One of his ideas includes changing the title of the electoral area to a name like Waterton.

“I really don’t like saying I am from Area G. It is too generic and doesn’t bring the community together.”

He said the area houses most of the water sheds for the regional district and the name should reflect that.

He added he would like to see more interaction between residents and elected representatives.

He would also like to see more accountability at the administrative level.

“A lot of people can’t make itto Nanaimo to get information.  There needs to be more information available on line and people should be able to contact people at the RDN who are directly involved,” he stated.

He said people have lost a lot of respect for politicians and that is why we have a low voter turnout.