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School bus with kids on board caught speeding through school zone in Kelowna

Driver was given a written warning and call to their supervisor
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With just a few days into the start of the school year, Kelowna RCMP is blitzing the streets to stop drivers speeding in school zones - a common practice with the kids heading back to class.

What is not common, however, is for a marked yellow school bus to be pulled over, with students on board.

A bus driver, contracted to drive students to a local private school, was marked going over the posted speed limit of 30 km/hr by an officer’s radar gun, prompting a written warning and a call to the driver’s supervisor.

Cst. Mike Della-Paolera of the Kelowna detachment called the situation ‘disappointing’.

“A bus driver, who we trust with the safety of our children who blatantly disregards that responsibility is shocking.”

RCMP want to remind the public that school zones are in effect from 7:30a.m.-5p.m.

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