SOS reached its Caring for Kids at Christmas goal

The goal was to raise $110,000 and $113,511 was raised

The number of children and adults who accessed the SOS Caring for Kids at Christmas program in 2016 was higher than ever before. The program, which has been running for 48 years in District 69, provided special gifts for 1,217 children and distributed local grocery store gift cards to 1,199 adults, so they could choose food items that were meaningful to them over the holidays.

SOS surpassed its goal of $110,000, raising a total of $113,511 in 2016.

“We’re very grateful to have such a supportive community,” said SOS executive director, Renate Sutherland. “We put the message out there that our residents need our help, and the community listened. The outpouring of generosity we witnessed was amazing. Our supporters really did make Christmas a magical time for so many people in this community.”

In 2015, SOS raised $104,577 and 1,151 children received gifts through the program. 1,184 adults received grocery store gift cards that year, for a total of 874 households assisted.

— NEWS Staff/SOS news release

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