Stanford Place gets its own mini car show

Ocean Idlers drive up to the plate to give seniors an automotive thrill

Jack Biickert

Jack Biickert

It’s a bit of a stretch to expect many of the residents of a Parksville seniors home to head all the way up to Qualicum Beach to battle with the crowds at the big Seaside Cruizers car show Sunday, so another club stepped up to the plate.

Members of the Ocean Idlers Car Club fueled up some of their more vintage vehicles and steered them to Stanford Place on Friday to give the residents there a mini car show of their own.

“Most of our residents can’t get to the Show and Shine because it’s too much,” said Leanne Parsons, the recreation coordinator for Stanford Place. “They decided they would generously bring some of their cars to our residents.”

Ocean Idlers vice-president Peter Lefeaux was one of the members who took the time to give the seniors an automotive thrill.

“I’m here because my dad was a resident a couple of years ago and he supported my car addiction for 20 years,” he said. “Someone had an idea to have a little mini-show here an we thought, why not?”

The Ocean Idlers Car Club, said president Jack Biickert, has donated tens of thousands of dollars to local charities over the years.