Still no answers to what’s in the safe

Combination solved, but safe found during demolition of Parksville building still not giving up its secrets

The mystery of the safe continues.

Despite the efforts — provided free of charge — by Island Lock owner Aaron Weikom, the safe found when the old Thwaites Norris building was demolished last week in downtown Parksville would not give up its secrets Tuesday afternoon.

Weikom figured out the combination, but it seems time (about 80 years) has rusted the safe shut.

A representative of the Thwaites family, Jill Bonnell (nee Thwaites), and a member The NEWS team, were on hand Tuesday afternoon for the opening, but it didn’t happen.

The safe was discovered Aug. 14 when a crew from Parksville Heavy Equipment was demolishing the old building at the corner of Hirst Avenue and the Alberni Highway, which is owned by the Vancouver Island Insurance Centre (VIIC).

The VIIC remains open for business just around the corner on Hirst while constriction of a new building continues.

The insurance centre’s branch manager, Karyn Lehmann, quickly called the Thwaites family about the find on Aug. 14 and handed the save over to Bonnell.

Check for updates on the contents of the safe.