Stockwell Day in Nanoose to support Liberal Stilwell

Day said it takes a generation to pay for four years of the NDP

Parksville Qualicum B.C. Liberal candidate Michelle Stilwell's campaign got a boost from a visit to Fairwinds Golf Course on Saturday by former federal Conservative cabinet minister Stockwell Day.

A former federal Conservative cabinet member was in Nanoose Bay Saturday throwing his weight behind provincial B.C. Liberal Party candidate Michelle Stilwell.

“People have said to me: ‘you’re a federal Conservative, what are you doing voting B.C. Liberals?,” said Stockwell Day. “People, for instance, like my mother. It is actually not against the law to vote federal Conservative and B.C. liberal — I’ve been doing it for awhile and I haven’t been arrested yet.”

In front of a gathering of about 25 people Saturday at Fairwinds Golf Course, Day said there are no linkages between the federal Conservative party and the B.C. Conservative party. He is volunteering, he said, to support the B.C. Liberals, and spoke at a B.C. Liberal convention back in October to show his support for the party. Day has recently been dropping in on various B.C. communities to share why he thinks the B.C. Liberals should win the May 14 election and what he perceives to be the perils of an NDP victory.

“It takes a generation to pay for four years of NDP government,” he said. “It’s a total lack of economic understanding that those policies will always pull an economy down.”

Day said he was the minister of finance in Alberta for a number of years when the NDP was in power in B.C. and he saw many people fleeing B.C. as a result, he said.

He said he talked to B.C. Conservative leader John Cummins last year and asked him what he was doing splitting the vote, when he knows he can’t win.

“[John Cummins] said:  ‘I know that. I know that a vote for the B.C. Conservatives may well split the vote and will have NDP go up the middle and maybe even win, but in four years people will be so fed up with the NDP that they’ll throw them out.’  I said: ‘John that’s not a vision’.”

Day said he also strongly supports Christy Clark as premier, saying he has seen  her in action on both the provincial and national stage. Despite what the media reported, he said, she got fast results when she demanded that five conditions be met in order for B.C. to allow the Northern Gateway Pipeline to go through the province. A few weeks after that announcement, the federal government hustled out to B.C. and tightened up the federal rules on waterways, tankers and other environmental measures, he  told the crowd.

Day said when people tell him they’re mad about certain decisions the B.C. Liberals have made in the past he tells them “party’s are made up of humans, humans are imperfect, all parties will make mistakes. I was leader of the Canadian Alliance, we made some mistakes.”

Michelle Stilwell thanked Day for the introduction on Saturday and went on to explain why she was running for the B.C. Liberal Party, and answered questions.